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Flu Shot

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It makes sense to protect yourself against infections like flu, so you don't have to suffer from the condition’s symptoms and potential complications. That's why Summit Primary Care provides routine flu shots for patients at their locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, La Junta, and Pueblo, Colorado. To arrange your flu shot, call Summit Primary Care or book an appointment online today.

Flu Shot Q & A

What is a flu shot?

A flu shot is an injection that immunizes you against influenza (flu). Immunizations are a highly effective way of protecting yourself against many diseases and the complications they cause.

The shots contain a safe form of the virus to activate your immune system, creating antibodies in response. If a live strain of that virus should invade your body afterward, your immune system recognizes it and produces the right antibodies to destroy the infection.

Why would I need a flu shot?

Flu is a common viral infection that most people contract at some point, experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Nausea and vomiting

Although the symptoms sound similar to the common cold, flu can be more serious, especially for anyone who isn't in the best of health. Flu also poses a significant risk to the health of older people and young children.

The main problem with flu is that it can lead to pneumonia, where infected fluid builds up in your lungs. A severe case of pneumonia – or even a mild case if you're vulnerable – could be life-threatening. Visiting Summit Primary Care for a flu shot reduces your risk of suffering such complications.  

How often do I need a flu shot?

Most immunizations that Summit Primary Care provides either last a lifetime or need infrequent boosters, but you need to have a flu shot every year. 

This is because the flu has numerous strains, and the vaccine only works against one specific variety. Having immunity from one strain won't protect you from others.

Each year researchers predict which of the flu strains is most likely to be widespread that winter, and vaccine producers base their output on these predictions. 

Should you encounter a flu virus for which you haven't had a vaccination, you could catch it; however, having the flu shot does protect you against the most widespread strain.

If you're in an at-risk group (older people, children under five, and anyone with a chronic health problem or weakened immune system), you should get your flu shots at Summit Primary Care as soon as possible each year.

If you aren't sure whether to have a flu shot, ask the Summit Primary Care team for advice. Call their offices or book an appointment for your flu shot online today.