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Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Finding and choosing a new primary care provider is an important step in your health care journey.

At Summit Primary Care in Colorado, we’re a team of primary care experts who can help you find a primary care provider perfect for your health needs. Keep reading to learn some tips on choosing your new primary care provider. 

Check for in-network doctors

Most insurance companies work with doctors and hospitals to provide cheaper services for people who visit those doctors with their insurance. If you have insurance, you want to look in your area for doctors that accept your insurance and are in-network. 

With those doctors, you pay less out-of-pocket, and choosing them can keep you from being hit by surprise out-of-network expenses. You can check with your insurance company or the provider to learn if they’re in your insurance network. 

Consider the logistics

Once you have located providers in your area that are in-network, you need to consider the logistics. How far are you willing to travel to see the doctor? Do you want one closer to your home, or are you willing to go further? 

When looking at different providers, the doctor’s office hours must also be considered. When are they available to see patients? Do they see patients on the weekends, or will you have to take time off from work for the visit potentially?

Finally, the languages the doctor speaks are also important to consider. If you’re non-English speaking, finding a doctor who can communicate clearly with you is essential to ensure that you receive the care you need. 

Choose a doctor who meets your needs

You need to consider your needs to narrow down potential primary care providers further. There are technically three types of primary care providers: internal medicine, family practice, and general practice. 

Visit the doctor

Finally, visit them once you have settled on a primary care physician. You can’t be fully certain if they’re the one for you until you’ve met and spoken with them and the other staff members. Consider how they interact with you and how they make you feel. 

Learn more about primary care physicians, and find your next doctor by calling the office nearest you in Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pueblo, Colorado, or schedule an appointment online today. 

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